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Construction of Excel Gear Couplings

Full gear type XFG Gear Coupling consists of two identical toothed hubs, two identical flanged sleeves with internal teeth, A flenge gasket, a set of flange dolts, nuts and lock washers, lube pluges with gaskets and two oil / greese retaining seals over the hubs.

Features for Full Gear Coupling

Standard full flexible gear coupling TYPE XFG accomodates angular & parallel misalignments or a combination of both as well as axial misalignment(end float).
Ideal for horizontal, closed coupled application including fans, overhead cranes, conveyors, steel & paper mill equipements.
One or both the hubs can be easily revesed for more than normal shafts seperation applications.

Features for Half Gear Coupling

Standard half gear coupling TYPE XHG cn not accomodate parallel misalignment.
Used primarily with floating asemblies. Extensivly used for cross travels and long travel line shaft drives.
Application :
Crane drives
General heavy industrial applications
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