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Our range of leaf chain for materials handling applications is used worldwide for straddle carriers, forklift trucks and on major civil engineering works such as flood defence barriers.

We are behind some of the biggest names in the industry thanks to the quality of our products.

Special design features :
High Fatigue strength
Long Service Life
Maximum Resistance to wear
Compact Design

Link Plates

Plates are made from a special steel which can withstand sudden loads and provides maximum resistance to breakage

Bearing Pins

Pins are manufactured from a special steel which has excellent resistance to bending. This increases the wear life of the chain.

Inner Link Plates

Movement of the inner plates is improved by close control of the pin and plate hole dimensions. This reduces rubbing (friction) to a minimum so the chain operates more economically and efficiently.

Chain pitch

Pitch (distance between each pin or plate hole) accuracy and pin hole diameters (holes in link plates) are maintained on every component during manufacture. This ensures consistent precision performance and good movement of the leaf chain joints.

Maximum speed setting

The input shaft wheelfaces are close together, forming a large driving diameter. The output shaft wheelfaces are automatically separated to form a small driven diameter.

Continuous oil lubrication

Range of auxiliary gear modules extends field of application

The following range of accessories is available for use with all units:
Electronic remote control, remote hand control, fine adjustment control, lever control, bevel control, electrical speed indication.      

Minimum speed setting

The input shaft wheelfaces are far apart, forming a small driving diameter. The output shaft wheelfaces are automatically closed to form a large driven diameter.

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