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All toothed wheels look like sprockets but never performs alike. That makes the purchase of sprockets critical. A toothed wheel bought in place of a sprocket not only adds but multiplies your problems ,because a toothed wheel means:

Inferior quality of raw material
Uneven tooth cut by any ordinary method which in no case is a    hob cut
Insufficient size of tooth pocket
Inaccurate tooth form
Inaccurate pitch diameter to match with the chain

All these is more than enough to kill your chain because: Insufficient tooth pocket, bad tooth profile and inaccurate pitch diameter doesn’t Allow  chain rollers to have perfect engagement with a tooth pocket. This comples The chain to impart load on the vertises of the teeth leading to uneven distribution of Load and early elongation of chains,which eventually results into a breakdown. Not only that it also increases the power consumption considerably which leads to low productivity and thereby low profits.

Some sprocket also looks like a toothed wheel but it stands out on performance. ‘Excel’ Precision sprocket means:

High Grade Steel Material
Precision Teeth cuts and teeth size which undoubtedly is a hob    cut
Sufficient size of a tooth pocket for proper engagement of    chain rollers
Accurate tooth forms
Accurate pitch diameter to match with the pitch of a chain
Accurate tooth profile and an excellent workmanship
Flame hardened tooth which ensures longer life due to high    wear resistance  

All these is enough to ensure a longer life of your chain because: Sufficient tooth pocket size provides a perfect engagement of the chain rollers, accurate tooth profile minimizes friction between inner link plates and sprocket tooth, accurate pitch diameter minimizes friction between chain roller and tooth pocket while proper engagement helps a chain to distribute the load uniformly over all the links of a chain and teeth of the sprocket, which avoids early elongation of a chain and minimizes power consumption resulting into high productivity and more profits.


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