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A medium power torsionally flexible coupling combining shock absorbing and mis-alignment capacity, used in the widest range of industries and applications.

Features :
Simple and Economical design having inherent dynamic balance
Easy and fast installation, easy alignment
Very long service life, no lubrication required
Made from best quality graded cast iron
Torsionally stiff for use a positive drive connection.
Spider made from high quality synthetic rubber - Bruna - N
Mis-alignment capacity up to 0.50mm offset and 4mm float.
Hardened teeth giving long life with high torque capacity
All-metal coupling for use in hostile environments
Taper Bush bores available for ease of maintenance  
Tested for 2.5 times rated torque
Integrally mounted rubber spider (star) for extra strength and durability
Application :
Bulk handling
Generator Sets
Metal Manufacture
General Industrial Applications


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