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It all began in the early fifties. About 50 years ago, when marketing was not so organized and was in its infant stage, SMA set up a marketing organization. The intention was to feed the then burgeoning, scattered textile industry with textile machinery components. An import division was formed which gave the Indian Textile industry access to the most sophisticated foreign components. Envisaging the possibilities in other spheres, SMA within a short period established facilities to cater to the original equipment manufacturers in the field of Steel, Fertilizers, Chemicals, Power, Sugar, Cement, Glass, Paper and other industries throughout India. This resulted in diversification into practically all types of power transmission products including Chains, Sprockets, gear Boxes, Couplings and specialized items like Conveyors, Material Handling Equipment etc.


As marketing is incomplete without manufacturing, the company established several associated manufacturingunits in Gujarat and Maharashtra. Today SMA manufature and market various products like Roller Chains, Sprockets, Couplings and Gears. They are produced to the fullest satisfaction of the customers as per their own specifications.
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It is natural that SMA, the company with roots in the past and strong branches in the present has a bright and prosperous future. The blueprint for further expanding the overseas links and increased exposure of the latest in technology to India, is  the  offing. A few of the products to come are:-

Heavy Duty Chains for Earth Moving, Agricultural Machinery, Oil Fields etc.
Material Handling and Conveyor Equipments
Automotive Chains
Electronic Inverters for Vari Speed Drives of AC Motors.
Other engineering components like Power Locks, Torque Limiters, Gear drives, etc.


The Company is professionally managed by a family of dynamic businessmen  whose acumen is reflected in the growth of ‘ SMA ‘ from a small trading unit to a conglomerate encompassing segments like Engineering, Construction, Investment and other related fields. The Company’s marketing activities cover practically the whole of India with sales offices in Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Chennai as well as Resident Representatives in major centres of the country.  The Company is well manned by dedicated Sales and Service Engineers as well as Factory and Office Staff.  This result-oriented manpower has enabled the Company to acquire a position peerless in the field of Mechanical Power Transmission Products in the Country.

Head Office : Standard Materials Agencies Pvt. Ltd.
45 / 46, Podar Chambers, S.A. Brevli Road,
Mumbai - 400 023 Maharashtra, India
Contact No. : 91 22 22663262 / 22663202 / 22665309
Email :
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